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One fine day I just tried to look around for those most versatile and useful things in our day to day life which are not visible but their contribution towards arranging our life can not be ignored. I tried for all type of those not-so-important looking things very minutely. Starting from my computer table in my study room to Bedroom, Living room to garage, kitchen to toilet, from home to office – I searched for  every other activity. Interestingly one thing I found which was still ignored by most of us – Cable Ties. I found it everywhere playing equally important role whether Industrial or house hold applications, indoor or outdoor.

Cable TiesWith this observation I started gathering information regarding cable ties and found amazing variety and wide application of these cable ties. The most common applications for cable ties is supporting and holding cables, wires, and other objects in place using virgin nylon resins in the manufacturing of most types of cable ties to ensure strength, reliability and durability.

In its most general form a cable tie consists of a nylon strip with a geared rack with one ratchet cased in an open case at one end. Once the cable tie inserted through the open case past the ratchet, the ratchet assures that this can not be pulled back through and only tightening of cable ties is possible. Thus a loop is formed and it can be used for holding a bunch of several wire cables. A tensioning device is also used like Cable Tie Gun which can apply a particular degree of tension and may cut the remaining, extra tail.

Cable Ties With FlagNormal cable ties are known as one time use device as it is destroyed by cutting them to open once they are tightened. Sometime, if required to open the same for reusing, it is possible to release the ratchet from rack with help of any sleek screw driver. Not only this, there are reusable cable ties also which are known as Velcro cable ties and these can be opened and reused many times. Inside a desktop computer or printers, cable ties are used to hold the cables inside it and outside same cable ties can be used for arranging our different wires coming out of different gadgets.

Velcro Hook and Loop FatenersCable ties have unlimited applications such as in households, offices, manufacturing industries, automobile industries, marine industries, electronic industries and many more. We can see these cable ties used for any temporary locking system even like at Airports. Even at few places it is used as a temporary handcuff by policemen. It can be used for wired fencing, holding the branches of small plants in gardens, for cabling of audio video equipments at home and office, Packaging industry, transportation and what not.

Ladder Cable TiesLooking at the variety of cable ties there are so many depending upon the application. Stainless Steel Cable Ties are particularly useful in applications where corrosion, vibration, general weathering, radiation and temperature extremes are a concern. Stainless Steel Cable Ties can be installed indoors, outdoors, or underground if necessary. Stainless Steel Cable Ties are particularly useful in applications where corrosion, vibration, general weathering, radiation and temperature extremes are a concern.

Metal detectable cable ties using Nylon material blended with iron, providing magnetic properties throughout cable ties comply with the food, beverage and pharmaceutical safety standards and so they are used in specific industry.

This range goes up to Tefzel cable ties- most ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental stresses such as chemical attack,  ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures for use in nuclear power facilities and chemical processing plants.

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